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Palm Coast Flea and Tick Control

Are fleas driving you and your pet crazy in Palm Coast, Florida?

Fleas are more than an annoyance - they can be a health hazard. Fleas are capable of transmitting plague and murine typhus to humans, although this is very rare. Bites from fleas usually cause minor itching, but pets or humans with sensitive skin can suffer from allergic dermatitis (intense itching, redness, hair loss, or even secondary infection). Cat fleas, the most common type of fleas causing infestations in our country, also serve as hosts of the dog tapeworm. Anyway you look at it, this nuisance needs to be eradicated using flea and tick pest control procedures.

Fleas and Ticks

At Elite pest control services we offer a three stage approach to Palm Coast flea control:

1) Our technician will recommend how and when to treat your pet for fleas. This may be done by a veterinarian, groomer, or by the pet owner themself, either before or while the premises are being treated.

2) We will use a customized approach to treating the outdoor areas where the pet spends his time. This process will be repeated so that they life cycle of the flea will be broken and new eggs will not appear.

3) Treatment of the home's interiors will be a twice repeated process as well, and will be done according to our technician's specially personalized flea control service plan for your home. After this, we will devise a maintenance plan to ensure fleas do not come back. 

You do not need to have pets to have a flea problem in your home in Palm Coast. New residents sometimes discover a flea problem from the long gone pets of previous occupants. CALL US @ 386-256-6880 or visit the contact page.

See What Our Customers are Saying

Frank in Palm Coast

No bugs at my house! Elite pest control goes through every nook and cranny. Even behind the electric sockets, I had never seen that before.

Meredith in Palm Coast

I am tired of the same old song and dance with the other companies, so I tried Elite out. No one has ever gone through my house like Elite has. First two days I saw dead things inside and out. Not a one since.

Bug Fact

"There are dozens of different species of fleas, but the Cat Flea, Ctenocephalides Felis, is by far the most common flea on pets and in structures in the United States, although it originated in Africa. "

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