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Carpenter Ant and Pest Control

Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Port Orange, and the surrounding areas

More than just being a general nuisance, carpenter ants can cause extensive damage to your home's infrastructure, and for every one you do see, there could be hundreds more hiding in the walls.

Carpenter ants damage wood and insulation by excavating tunnels, and they are capable of causing more harm to your home than even termites.

Carpenter Ant Damage

Fortunately, a carpenter ant problem is entirely controllable under professional care. However, the quality and price of service you will receive varies widely from company to company.

At Tiger Termite & Pest Services, we don't just postpone the problem, we stop it at the source so it doesn't keep coming back. Using state-of-the art equipment and methods, our licensed exterminators will inspect your home's environment and construction to identify the problem and determine the best course of action.

So if you have a carpenter ant problem or want to make sure you don't get one, count on Tiger Termite & Pest Services to break the pest life cycle and prevent future infestations.


If you need ant control services in the Central Florida area, then CALL US @ 386-256-6880 or visit the contact page.

See What Our Customers are Saying

Carla in Palm Coast

I got several recommondations for Tiger, so I decided to try them. No more carpenter ants or fire ants - that is what I was dealing with. Very nice people, professional and ON TIME. That always makes it more pleasant.

Barry in Palm Coast

Have worked with Tiger since I have moved here. Let me tell you I have been impressed in every way so far.

Bug Fact

"The majority of an ant's life is spent looking for food. Depending on the species, ants will eat meats, sweets, fats or oils. The colony has one queen that lays all eggs. When the queen is killed the colony will die."

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